Your Social Fits!

Social Media Users

80.8% of the world population are on at least one social media platform.

Social For Work

28.7% of the United States use it for work purposes.

Female <> Male

51% of the United States social media users are female.

Your business fits well for the below social media platforms. If you are already using a channel, that is great! If not, consider adding one or two of these platforms to your social media mix.

The below social media platforms may be a good fit for your business based on:

  • Demographics of your potential customers
  • Visual elements your business lends itself to
  • Local reach of your business
  • The kind of customers do you have

Explore each of the social media platforms more by clicking on each logo.

Our disclaimer: We suggest starting with 1-2 social platforms and then adding them slowly over time. Even if one of these platforms fits your business does not mean you must use it. Lean into your strengths and what you are comfortable with first.


Why Facebook is a Fit.

Facebook is one of the original big social media platforms. Which means it has one of the largest followings and uses. Over 50% of the United States population uses it monthly.

Facebook offers a wide range of demographics of users and lots of different ways to post. The audience leans towards adults older than 25 but still regularly attracts the younger audience.

If your business is a local company with a strong connection with your community, Facebook is a must-have. Facebook provides many ways to interact in small groups and local settings.

In addition, Facebook offers a robust advertising platform with lots of targeting options for successful digital marketing.

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Facebook Stats.

Million US Users/Monthly
Billion Global Users/Monthly
of US Users use on a Daily Basis
0 %
of the Entire US has Facebook
0 %


Why YouTube May Fit.

YouTube provides a balance of long-form and short-form videos. Touted as the second largest search engine, YouTube is a great opportunity for educating customers and generating brand awareness.

YouTube has video options similar to TikTok videos that are a quick 30-second max. In addition, you can make long-form videos for those topics that require more depth.

YouTube Stats.

Million US Users/Monthly
Billion Global Users/Monthly
of US Users use on a Daily Basis
0 %
of the US Population Use YouTube
0 %

Twitter (X)

Why Twitter (X) May Fit.

X, formally Twitter, has gone through some rough times lately. However, it still is a viable social media platform for businesses looking to provide value and engage with their users. 

Though originally void of images and videos, X now allows for the use of imagery. Which has boosted customer engagement and brand flexibility.

Focused on short-form content but with text taking the main stage. X is perfect for companies with low imagery options such as tax accountants.

Lastly, X is one of the few social media platforms where a majority of frequent users are male. 

Twitter (X) Stats.

Million US Users/Monthly
Million Global Users/Monthly
of US Users use on a Daily Basis
0 %
Of US Users are Male
0 %

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