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It pays to have a team of people with experience. Our continuous improvement process helps you obtain and retain customers cost-effectively and is backed by data. Ensuring you achieve the results you need. Learn about our consulting methodology and plans below.

Our Methodology

We use a data-driven model that utilizes data and empathy to find and understand potential optimizations for your business and then grow and market your business. This 4-step process gives a framework to the more detailed inner workings of the processes. 

1st step is to understand your goals, customers, and stakeholders. We do this by:

  • Collecting data from your organization from interviews, current sales, and customer data
  • Empathize with customers through interviews, data analysis, and research
  • Garner input and feedback from stakeholders
  • Structure customer journey and potential pain points


In addition, we will work with your team to sync data between our teams to understand your customers and performance from online and offline transactions. This data analysis helps us track future trial tests and marketing. It also provides continuous feedback and understanding of customer trends and preferences.

Now that we have a firm understanding of the different areas that effect your business, we:

  • Prepare possible solutions to any areas of improvement our analysis brought forward. 
  • Design and rank trials to help you achieve your growth goals. 
  • Assemble a marketing strategy that will resonate with your customers. Including a plan for marketing trials and constant iteration to stay ahead of trends and increase your return on investment.

Now it’s time for action! Growth  

  • Gather initial data from the first offering trials. 
  • Make any needed offering trial pivots.
  • Implement marketing strategy.

Begin creating a timeline and potential solutions for implementing a prototype, testing, and iteration. 

With a road map now in place to guide us, we execute the strategy, implementing developed trials and feedback loops to ensure core issue resolution.

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