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Facebook is at it again! The social media giant is trying a new feature to help users and marketers alike. Link History. Here’s what you need to know:

Link History: Facebook Link history compiles a list of websites users visited on the Facebook mobile app over the last 30 days. The feature is turned on for users by default but can be toggled at any time. However, when turned off the user will lose all their previous link data immediately and will not collect others until toggled on. Currently, the Link History feature is available to some Android & iPhone users but will be rolling out to the rest of the network over time.

Benefits for Advertisers: This is giving a glimpse of the “good old days” when Facebook had data to help advertisers provide targeted ads and users received relevant ads. With Link History, we are hopeful that advertisers will gain a clearer understanding of user interests, preferences, and habits. This means Facebook ads may become more accurate, resulting in higher engagement, better click-through rates, and improved ROI.

Why Businesses and Agencies Like Exp1st Will Love It: For businesses working with agencies like Exp 1st, Link History could be a big help. Not only could we experience further cost declines in Facebook advertising efforts, but also enjoy the benefits from better audience understanding and segmentation. This could be a home run for small businesses and advertisers aiming to maximize their social media marketing strategies.

Read the article on the Facebook Help Site here: www.facebook.com/help/1980001549003872

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