Digital Marketing Case Study: Revenue Increase of $112,600 for Ebersole Insurance

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Revenue Increase For A Local Insurance Agency

Why is digital marketing important for small businesses? Well for one company in particular it has helped their revenue increase over $112,600 in revenue in just 6 months.

Ebersole Insurance, a service-based business, faced a common challenge: How to grow my business in a competitive market? With ambitions to hit $2 million in sales by 2024, they turned to Exp1st for a dedicated lead generation solution.

Challenge: Increase Revenue Effectively Through Digital Channels

Ebersole Insurance‘s primary goal was to attract customers using digital platforms, specifically through Google Ads and Facebook Marketing. The challenge was not just to increase brand visibility but to do so in a way that ensured a healthy return on ad spend.

This scenario is a textbook example of having to balance both brand and performance digital marketing.

Solution: A Tailored Digital Strategy

After meeting with the team at Ebersole we came decided on an initial two prong approach.

First, we developed a simplified landing page that served as the lead generation point for the Google Ad and Facebook campaigns.

This landing page was not just a standalone element. It was however, integrated with analytics tracking using Google Tag Manager and created a data loop with the chosen ad platforms. In addition, the Google Tag Manager (GTM) integrations allowed for real-time tracking of leads and revenue.

Over time, we refined the ads, focusing on reducing the cost per conversion while maintaining the quality of leads.

Results: Remarkable Revenue Increases & Return on Investment

The results speak volumes about how does marketing help a business. With a monthly budget of $2,500 dedicated to digital advertising, Ebersole Insurance saw a dramatic return.

In fact, they saw over a 10:1 return. Their results generated over $110,000 in revenue from only a $11,700 investment in Google Ads and Facebook advertising.

This case study is a testament to the effectiveness of strategic digital marketing investments for how to grow a service-based business.


Ebersole Insurance’s success story highlights the significant impact that targeted digital marketing strategies can have on a small business’s bottom line.

It underscores the essential role of digital marketing in not just achieving but surpassing sales goals. For businesses wondering why digital marketing is important, Ebersole Insurance’s 10-to-1 return on investment stands as a compelling answer. It is possible for even local companies to grow using digital advertising.

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, the ability to adapt and leverage tools like Google Ads and Facebook Marketing can be the difference between stagnation and substantial growth. Let this case study inspire and guide you in harnessing digital marketing to unlock your business’s potential.

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