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Navigating the $3.81 TRILLION industry is not easy and is filled with competition. Exp1st helps you break through the noise.

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Our real estate clients have experienced expotential growth that focuses on their unique needs. We use a combination of small data and big data to power a strategy that takes your brokerage or real estate business to the next level. 

Having a solid mixture of organic and paid channels ensures your business grows over time while still achieving short term revenue. Your strategist at Exp1st can guide you to the best ways to achieve your goals at the best costs possible. 

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Real Estate Website

To provide you the best experience of what a potential website could look like for you we provided a landing page for you to play with!

Search Engine Marketing

Boost your real estate business’ visibility on Google, Bing, and more. Grow your brokerage firm by finding more agents. Or directly target potential buyers and sellers when they search for real estate services or listings.

Social Media Marketing

Leverage platforms like Facebook, Tiktok, X, and Instagram to grow your brand  presence and increase your share of voice. Social media is perfect for helping agents showcase properties, engage with the local community, and recruiting agents to a brokerage.

Data Analytics

Metrics and analytics inform strategy, allowing for the tracking of lead sources, engagement, and ROI. Ultimately, ensuring marketing and sales efforts are more efficient and targeted. Saving your business money and increasing revenue!

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