Google Ads Account Linking

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Set up Google Ads Access with Exp 1st.

If your business currently does not have a Google Ads account, please let your contact at Exp 1st and we will handle the creation of your account for you!

To link your current Google Ads account to Exp 1st for management follow the below lists.

  1. Login to your Google Ads account
  2. Copy and paste your account ID(s) and send the ID(s) to your contact at Experience 1st
Google Ads Manager Access Step 1
(located at the top right of your page)
  • Once your Exp 1st rep sends a request (24-48 business hours after sending ID(s))
  • Login to your account and click “Tools & Settings”
  • Select “Access and Security”
Google Ads Manager Access Step 2
  • Click the “Managers” tab
  • At the Exp 1st Link request click “Accept” under Actions
Google Ads Manager Access Step 3
  • Read the terms listed and then select “Grant Access”
Google Ads Manager Access Step 4

That is it! Your business is now connected with Exp 1st on Google. The next step is to begin creating value for you and your customers!

Please let your Exp 1st team member know you have completed this connection!

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