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Our President of Marketing was honored to be featured in an article from the National Association of College Stores on social media marketing. The article covers how to connect with the different customers’ assisted by college stores.

Below are two quotes from the article that can translate into almost any business.

Connect With Your Customer on Social Media.

Students online want to connect to their peers and hear about the college, learning, and having fun.

– John Gallo

Customers want more than just your product or service. They want to connect on a more emotional level (even if they are afraid to admit their feelings). Customers want to know about others that are like them. Have meaningful connections with fellow customers and your business!

Test. Learn. Repeat.

At York, Gallo uses a formula for posts: roughly 40% of them from other sources (admissions info or a student activities event), 40% brand building or humanizing (“a photo of someone in our apparel but not salesy”), and 20% promotions] “Hoodie sale March 8 and 9.”

– John Gallo

Finding the right rhythm for your social media strategy will help your business see more results, increase your SEO, and can even lead to more interaction. Test out different rhythms, frequencies, and times of the day.

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