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Business woman empowered to achieve their goals with the help of Exp1st

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What is Exp1st?

Exp1st is a full-service digital marketing agency in York, PA that helps you grow through data-driven marketing and strategy. We help you get your name out there, leverage data, and achieve your goals.

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A Whole Marketing Team. Ready to Help.

Running a business is tough. Even more so when you have to spread your time between so many aspects. At Exp1st we help you by providing the full-stack of marketing offerings.

A Solution Fit for You.

Are you part of a Start-up just getting started? A REALTOR wanting to grow your business? or a college looking to increase your enrollment? Exp1st has an action plan to help you achieve your goals.

Marketing Training

For the DIYer in you, we can teach you how to implement expert-level marketing and business strategies.

Flex Team

In that awkward phase between hiring and outsourcing. Exp1st helps resolve this with Flex Marketing. For a monthly fee you can have a whole marketing team without the employee commitment.


Integrate your team and Exp1st fully to increase effectiveness and revenue. We work with your team to accomplish goals and provide strategic data-driven insights.


Exp Newsstand

Join in on the latest marketing news, tips, and tactics from the Exp1st team.

Our 1st Beliefs.

Business woman empowered to achieve their goals with the help of Exp1st

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